Enhancing the eSignature

Solution used by hundreds of millions of users around the world

VeriDoc Sign

DocSign is an e-signature solution to replace people having to print, physically sign, scan and email documents to one another. This significantly lowers costs and saves time.


in time materials
saved per agreement


turnaround time
Veridoc has partnered with DocuSign to enhance eSignature and offer a simple way to verify that a DocuSigned document is genuine.

Key Features & Benefits

VeriDoc Sign
Increase in Trust

Users can be verified without risking their privacy – a growing concern with biometrics.

VeriDoc Sign
Increase in Safety

Product owners are protected from shared logins, memberships and licences.

VeriDoc Sign
Increase in Security

Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process.

VeriDoc Sign
Controlled Access

Product owners have control over who can view and verify the sign-in data for audit purposes.

VeriDoc Sign
API Versatility

APIs can be developed to communicate directly with existing software.

VeriDoc Sign
Reduction in Cost

Governments and businesses save time and money lost each year due to fraud.

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VeriDoc Docusign

Certified and Secure

  • ISO 27001
  • The highest level of global information assurance available today

  • GDPR
  • European Union's General Data Protection Regulation

  • Binding corporate rules
  • European Data Protection Authority (DPA) approval

  • PCI data security standered
  • For handeling credit card data

  • SSAE 16(SOC 1 and 2)
  • Operations and data centre security, availability and confidentiality

  • Cloud Security Alliance(CSA) Security Trust Assurance and Risk(STAR)

  • For surving the U.S. federal government

  • For handeling personal health information

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