Veridoc Supplychain

Transparent and Traceable

VeriDoc Supplychain

The complexities in today Supply Chain Management (SCM) system reveal huge gaps in product traceability, resulting in inefficiencies as well as counterfeit products.

VeriDoc Global has developed a supply chain management verification system that offers transparency and integrity to supply chain. This system enhances the trust between stakeholder by leveraging the immutability of the blockchain.

By revolutionizing supply chain management, organizations can confidently say to multiple stakeholder like manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributers, governing bodies and end users, know that what I see, is what you see.


Reducing Risk By Creating Visibility In The Supply Chain

VeriDOc Global QR code management module helps trace the source of a product by generating QR codes that can be embedded with customized information like SKU, batch number, warranty, registration details and even product specification. The embedded information is hashed and stored securely on blockchain, which can be verified instantly. In addition, the QR codes can have location details and timestamps. This assists in tracking and tracing products.

VeriDoc Supplychain


identify leaks in the distribution network

VeriDoc Global system verifies each step in the supply chain with a digital handshakes that records exactly when and where products has moved in the distribution network. Each movement from manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer can be recorded usinga single QR code and placed on tamper-proof ledger.

This makes it clear who is liable for products in every step of the production and transit, offering transparency and quickly identifying inefficiencies along the way.

VeriDoc Supplychain


Generating Reports And Insights

VeriDoc Supplychain

VeriDoc Global provides data analytics reporting powered bu Google Analytics as well as VeriDoc Global proprietary software. VeriDoc Analytics offers insights into details like the number of QR code scans, source and transit details. Traceable source of origin is becoming one of the key factors in the supply chain industry as well as the identification and prevention of counterfeits.

VeriDoc Global anticounterfeit solution can detect counterfeits the system by flagging the system if the same QR code is being scanned in many different places at the same time. In this situation, the manufacturer or retailer can disable the compromised QR code, which voids the counterfeit products. This data can also be used to track where counterfeit products are originating from and where they are being sold to.


VeriDoc Supplychain
  • Traceability
  • Ability to trace a product from the source of origin right through to point of sale

  • Transparency
  • Identify leaks in the distribution network.

  • Product Recal
  • Recalls can be issued quickly at the batch level or individual item

  • Stop Counterfeits
  • Consumers can verify that a product is genuine before purchasing.

  • Data Analytics
  • Manufacturers gain insights to who, where , when and how many time a product is scanned.


VeriDoc Supplychain
Increase in Quality and Reliability

Data is immutable, verifiable and traceable ensuring quality and reliability.

VeriDoc Supplychain
Increase in Knowledge and Insights

Product owners are protected from shared logins, memberships and licences.

VeriDoc Supplychain
Increase in Security

Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process.

VeriDoc Supplychain
Controlled Access

Product owners have control over who can view and verify the sign-in data for audit purposes.

VeriDoc Supplychain
API Versatility

APIs can be developed to communicate directly with existing software.

VeriDoc Supplychain
Reduction in Cost

Product owners save time and money, due to high quality insights from reliable data.

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